Our Story

Italian-born Flavio Carnevale is the owner and operator of MARTINA, the playful cousin of his other ventures POPOLO (2012) and MARTA (2017), a dedicated to cucina Romana, which opened in Sydney’s Rushcutters Bay.

Flavio grew up with a strong appreciation for food, as the son of a butcher and the grandson of a farmer in his hometown of Rapone, a small village in the Basilicata region of southern Italy.

Like most young Italians, Flavio migrated to Rome at the age of 17. With a dream of becoming an architect, he worked as a server in restaurants with some of Rome’s biggest personalities, including many years at Caffe della Pace, a favourite spot of Robert De Niro, Al Pacino and Francis Ford Coppola.

This was the evolution of Flavio’s culinary affair, transforming the son of a butcher into a restaurateur.

After 10 glorious years in Rome and a culinary adventure in Barcelona, Flavio was drawn to Sydney where he quickly became enamoured by Australia’s vibrant hospitality scene.

Flavio contributed to the brilliance of Paddington Alimentari and Fratelli Paradiso Potts Point before making the bold transition to restaurateur in 2012.

Flavio’s concept for an authentic Italian bakery came in 2020, at the commencement of lockdown. Flavio diversified to survive, marrying together a daily staple with the rich heritage of Roman baking and a love for the local community.

He was inspired to collate his most loved recipes, whilst offering an escape to Italy at a time when Sydney needed it most.

With a passion for dough making at the foundation of it all.
Martina was born.

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